To buy a car is for many people an important financial investment. For certain car models, new or second hand, the acquisition in another EU Member State could reduce the price. However, many people fear possible problems upon arrival of the car in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.

The European Consumer Centre has issued a brochure (German) / brochure (French) on this topic with a practical answer to the questions that consumers should ask themselves when buying a car in another EU Member State. This brochure deals amongst others with the necessary formalities and documents to register a vehicle from another EU Member State, VAT rate or the scope of the warranty.

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Do not hesitate to check out our page about fraud during purchasing or selling of a vehicle.

You can also find more information about this issue on the respective website from the European Commission “Buying and selling cars“.



 ECC-Net report 2016 – Cross-border car purchases – What to look out for when you’re bargain hunting

 ECC-Net report 2016 – Cross-border car purchases – What to look out for when you’re bargain hunting (Summary)

Country_fact_sheets_purchase_FINAL-LU jpeg-001 Cross-border car purchases – Country of registration LU

FICHES PAYS_country of registration-final-LU (1) jpeg-001 Cross-border car purchases – Country of purchase LU