Passenger rights for travels by sea

The Regulation (EU) No 1177/2010 of the European Parliament and the Council of 24 November 2010 concerns travels within or from the European Union or to the European Union if the carrier is established within the territory of a Member State.

This Regulation shall not apply to ships of less than 12 passengers, to ships of less than 3 members of the crew, to ships not propelled by mechanical means, to distances of less than 500 meters, or to excursions and sightseeing tours.

In case of cancellation or delayed departure of more than 90 minutes, the passenger can choose between a reimbursement or a re-routing, and is entitled to meals, drinks and accommodation (for a maximum of 3 nights and 80 € per night), and a compensation of 25 % to 50 % of the price of the ticket.

The Regulation foresees a non-discriminatory handling and a free specific assistance for disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility, and the free of charge carrying of accompanying persons.

The Regulation puts in place a complaint handling procedure established by the carriers. National Enforcement Bodies in each EU Member State are designated to enforce the regulation and, if necessary, to impose penalties.

In Luxembourg, the National Enforcement Body is the Ministry of Consumer Protection (