In Luxembourg, sales by phone are authorized, under the condition that you have agreed to it in advance. At the beginning of the conversion, the seller shall inform you about the commercial nature of his call.

The seller shall confirm his offer submitted to you by telephone by sending a written confirmation. No legal obligation exists before you expressively (for instance in writing) accepted this written offer.

How to deal with unsolicited calls?

Following the current legislation, you have several alternatives to end unwanted sales calls. Unfortunately, none can guarantee your peace.

Under Luxembourgish positive law, repeated and untimely calls are banned. Do not hesitate to threaten to complain to the police if you feel disturbed by the calls of a prospecting company. Complain to the police if the company continues to call you. To do this effectively, you should get the maximum amount of information possible on the identity of the company and their telephone number.

Luxembourgish law allows you to refuse the processing of your data by the company. So be sure to ask for the exact address of the company to require, by registered mail with return receipt, the deletion of your personal data in the business’ database.

Finally, you should hang up if the caller does not seem to take your claims seriously!

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