Tips for Consumers

If you are buying goods or services online, there are several rules and regulations that exist to protect you as a consumer.

To avoid common “traps” do not hesitate to:

  • Check the reputation of the website through your browser.
  • Verify that the site shows the name of the company and complete address. An email address or a simple phone number is not sufficient.
  • Use secured method for the payment. Avoid bank transfer and specialized money transfer companies (to be used only if you know to whom you are sending money).

Further information can be found in our French fact sheets “Electronic Commerce: Tips for Safe Buying” and “Electronic Commerce: Consumer Rights”.

Are you sure the web shop you want to buy from is trustworthy? Check it with the “Webshop Check” of ECC Belgium:

The ECC Network also published several checklists for consumers.

pdfChecklist for consumers

pdfChecklist for consumers 2014 – General e-commerce

pdfChecklist for consumers 2014 – Unsolicited products

pdfChecklist for consumers 2014 – Free package samples

pdfChecklist for consumers – Dating websites


Tips for Traders

If you are a trader and you sell products or services to consumers through a website you must meet certain legal obligations. These rules apply whether you are a large established company or just starting out.

pdfChecklist for traders