Doorstep selling

Previously prohibited by the law in Luxembourg, doorstep selling is now authorized.

In the event of a doorstep sale the consumer is protected from abuse.

Consumers have the right to refuse every type of door to door selling in their home by placing a sticker or any other distinctive sign on the door or near to the door. The refusal just needs to be clearly expressed. If, in spite of the message, the sale representative proposed his products and the consumer signed a contract, he will be allowed to request the nullity of the signed contract in court. In the meanwhile the professional sales representative is risking a fine (EUR 120,000) and the confiscation of the goods and his vehicle.

In any case, under the new legislation, consumers have a right of withdrawal during 14 calendar days. The right of withdrawal is starting on the day of the conclusion of the contract regarding service contracts or on the day of delivery regarding delivery of goods.