If you experience problems with an administration in another Member State of the European Union, you can turn to SOLVIT.

SOLVIT was set up by the European Commission in 2002. This online network will find an alternative (informal) solution for complaints from consumers and businesses. These complaints must concern a misapplication of internal market laws by administrations.

SOLVIT Centres exist in every country of the EU as well as in Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. They deal with the complaints for free.

The solutions proposed are not binding. However, if the outcome of the procedure is not satisfactory, you can appeal to the European Commission or refer the dispute to the courts.

You may submit a complaint to the SOLVIT Centre in your country of residence by e-mail (Solvit@eco.etat.lu) or complete the online complaint form, available at the following address: www.ec.europa.eu/solvit.

Solvit Luxembourg
Ministry of Economy
19-21, Boulevard Royal
L-2914 Luxembourg
Tel: (+352) 247 88 400