The European small claims procedure has been established by Regulation (EC) No 861/2007 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 11 July 2007. It is applicable since 1 January 2009 across the European Union except Denmark.

The European small claims procedure aims to improve access to justice by simplifying procedures for resolving cross-border conflicts in civil and commercial matters, provided that their amount does not exceed € 5,000 (since 14 July 2017).

If you have a dispute with a professional established in another Member State, you can fill out a standard form. and sent it to the competent court.

In principle the entire procedure is written and you do not need a lawyer. The decision taken in the framework of the European small claims procedure is recognized and enforced in the Member Stateswithout a declaration of enforceability.

The ECC-Net has published in 2012 a report about the European Small Claims Procedure.

Please contact us if you have questions about this procedure for small claims.