Are you having problems with a company based in another European country, Norway or Iceland?

Do you need help to enforce your (consumer) rights?

We offer free assistance!

However before we can act, it is important to note that firstly you need to have filed a complaint to the trader in order to find a solution. You should contact the trader in writing and provide all the background information of the situation, showing the trader why they are being contacted and tell the trader what it is you want or need to resolve the problem you have experienced.

If you do not resolve your dispute with the trader, report your case to ECC Luxembourg and we will try to reach an amicable solution.

To do so we need a clear and informative description of the issue, as well as, when available, a copy of the relevant documents (contract, e-mails, letters etc.). You can send us all the information by e-mail, fax, or post. You are also welcome to contact us by phone.

As soon as we possess all the relevant documents, our legal team will examine the case and will discuss with you on how to proceed.

As the case may be, we will contact the trader based in another European country and we will try to find a solution to the dispute which is acceptable for both parties.

If an amicable solution should not be possible, we can advise you on further possibilities to assert your claims, as for example on an alternative dispute resolution entity.

Should your case be out of our area of competency, as for example disputes with public authorities based in another European country, we can help you to find the right person of contact.