Press release :

You have booked a round trip flight for your holiday, but due to an unexpected change, you only
take the flight back, without having boarded for the outward flight? Be aware that your airline
may cancel your flight due to a “no-show”.

Indeed, many airlines stipulate in their general conditions of carriage that booked flights can
only be used in the order stated on the ticket.

As a result, if a passenger does not take the outward flight (or part of it) without informing the
airline in advance, the flight back (or the connecting flight) may be cancelled, or the passenger
may be charged additional fees (e.g. a flat fee or the difference to buy a single ticket).

However, there are some airlines where it is not working like this and where the outward and the
flight back are considered as two separate bookings, and where the non-use of the outward
flight has no effect on the validity of the flight back.

Since “no-show” cases are not regulated in the European Air Passenger Rights Regulation (EC)
No. 261/2004, we advise you to carefully read the General Conditions of Carriage regarding their
“no-show” policy.

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