The European Consumer Centre in Luxembourg is currently receiving an increasing number of enquiries from consumers about craftsmen – mainly from Germany and France – who distribute their advertising leaflets in daily newspapers or letterboxes.

In order to find the right and trustworthy company to carry out work at your place, it is important to consider the following points and to be aware about your rights:

  • Does the company have a valid postal address?
  • Does the company have a telephone number?
  • Did you receive a detailed quotation?
  • Have you heard anything about the company (ask around, search the internet to see if there are any reviews of the company or customer testimonials)?
  • Did you have enough time to accept or refuse the offer?

It is advisable not to accept the first offer straight away. Take your time, ask for several offers from different companies and compare them.

If you have nevertheless concluded a contract outside the business premises, for example at home, and you later realise that the offer does not meet your needs, you can withdraw from the contract within 14 calendar days of signing the contract, without giving any reason. If you have any questions about your rights when concluding contracts with companies from another country, please contact the ECC Luxembourg for a free consultation.