As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, many Member States are banning public or private events such as concerts, festivals, sports competitions, etc. Some organisers also cancel events on their own initiative.

What can a consumer do if he or she has bought a ticket for an event that is cancelled?

The situation varies from country to country. Some Member States have already adopted exceptional rules allowing organisers to offer only a voucher to the consumer instead of a refund. This is for example the case in Belgium, Germany, Italy, Latvia and Portugal.

As a general rule, it should first be checked what the general terms and conditions of the contract provided for such situations. You should also check the website of the organiser and of the booking intermediary to see whether they offer a solution, and contact them by email or online contact form to request the option that suits you best.

If a new date is set for the event and you are unable to attend at that time, you should in principle be able to provide proof of this and receive a refund or a voucher.