In the news: Several thousand people stuck at various airports. Countless flights were cancelled.

The European Consumer Center Luxembourg informs the consumers about their rights

A massive pilot strike was declared on Monday 9th September at British Airways (BA). The air carrier had to cancel almost all its flights, including flights to and from Luxembourg. A new wave of strikes is scheduled for September 27th.

Are you affected by the British Airways strike and is your flight cancelled?

You have the choice between refunding the ticket or re-routing to your final destination under comparable transport conditions and as soon as possible.
You have the choice between refunding the ticket or re-routing it to your final destination under comparable transport conditions and as soon as possible.
In the case where British Airways does not offer you an alternative flight or if the offer is not acceptable for you, (e.g., British Airways offers you a flight several days later) in our opinion, you may book another comparable flight in agreement with British Airways or on your own initiative. However, be careful to remain reasonable in terms of the price of this re-routing.
We remind you that you have the right to be provided with refreshments, accommodation and meals during the waiting period. Remember to keep the receipts carefully.
In addition, we believe you are entitled to a fixed compensation between €250, €400 and €600 depending on the length of the flight.
For any further information you can contact the ECC Luxembourg and/or the Luxembourg National Enforcement Body -NEB Luxembourg.

Are you affected by flights cancelled following the bankruptcy of Aigle Azur?
On 2nd September 2019, the French airline Aigle Azur was declared in bankruptcy. The company has cancelled all its flights as from Saturday 7th September inclusive.

The European Consumer Centre offers you a list of possible solutions:
As Aigle Azur itself indicates, you can book a new flight with one of the companies that have set up special tariffs for Aigle Azur customers. However, the costs of this new reservation remain at your expense.

Warning! If you have booked a ticket directly from Aigle Azur, you have 2 months (from 2nd September 2019) to declare your debt. The declaration of debt must be sent by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt, together with all relevant supporting documents to the address of Aigle Azur’s headquarters (to the attention of the court-appointed representatives-sample letter on However, this is a lengthy procedure which does not necessarily result in consumer compensation. The ECC advises you to try the solutions listed below in parallel.

In the case where you have booked your ticket as part of a package tour, contact your travel agent/tour operator who should offer you another flight or a refund.

In addition, if you have paid for your ticket by credit card, you can request an objection to this payment as soon as possible. You can also opt for the “chargeback” procedure, allowing the consumer to be reimbursed directly by his bank.

If you have subscribed to a travel insurance, we advise you to contact the insurance company in order to obtain compensation.

In addition, you can check whether the credit card used for the payment provides insurance covers in the case of flight cancellation.
Gaëtane Frey, Senior Legal Officer at ECC Luxembourg, says: “The 7 airline bankruptcies since 2017 show us the need to inform the consumer about his/her rights but perhaps this also shows us the need for a ‘mandatory guarantee’ for ‘flights on its own’ covering airline bankruptcies.”

For any information you can contact ECC Luxembourg. Check your flight rights with “Flight Calculator”!