pdfAcheter de la contrefaçon…un bon plan?

pdf25 ans CEC

pdfDroits des voyageurs dans l’UE

pdfLe CEC en trois mots

pdfDe CEC an dräi Wierder

pdfCrédit facile

pdfCrédito fácil

pdfAchat d’un bien immobilier en Belgique

pdfAchat d’un bien immobilier en France

pdfAchat d’un véhicule dans l’Union européenne

pdfSe faire soigner dans l’Union européenne

pdfVoyager de A-Z

pdfGuide pour étudiants – Se loger en France ou en Belgique

pdfLocations saisonnières en France


Fiches d’information

pdfLocation de voiture


Droits des passagers voyageant par bateau

pdfDroits pour les passagers voyageant en autobus ou autocars

pdfIncidents relatifs aux bagages

pdfLa résolution extrajudiciaire des litiges en Europe

pdfTimeshare – Nouveaux droits des consommateurs

pdfVoyage à forfait – Belgique

pdfVoyage à forfait – France

pdfCommerce electronique – Conseils pratiques pour acheter en toute securité

pdfCommerce electronique – Les droits du consommateur

pdfDroits des passagers aériens 2014

pdfDroits des passagers ferroviaires


Cross-border car purchases – Country of registration LU


Cross-border car purchases – Country of purchase LU


Rapports du réseau des CEC

pdfThe impact of counterfeiting on online consumer rights in Europe

pdfConsumer Satisfaction Survey 2016 – Analysis of the results

pdfSurvey « Consumers’ knowledge of ECC Luxembourgand the ECC-Net » 2016 – Analysis of the results

pdf2015 – Cross-border car purchases – What to look out for when you’re bargain hunting


2015 – Cross-border car purchases – What to look out for when you’re bargain hunting (Summary)

pdf2015 – Air Passenger Rights Report – Do consumers get the compensation they are entitled to and at what costs?

pdf2015 Timeshare


2015 – Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Air Passenger Rights sector (update)


2015 – Winter tires within Europe, in Iceland and Norway

pdf2014 – Commercial warranties – Are they worth the money?

pdf2014 – Commercial warranties – Are they worth the money? (Summary)


2014 – Fraud in cross-border e-commerce


2014 – Ski Resorts in Europe 2012 – 2013


2014 – E-commerce report – Part 1 Highlights for traders – Checklist and test yourself tool


2014 – E-commerce report – Part 2 Highlights for consumers – Checklists and test yourself tool


2013 – Chargeback in the EU/EEA – A solution to get your money back when a trader does not respect your consumer rights.


2013 – The Services Directive 2006/123/EC – Analysis of Article 20.2 and Article 21 related consumer complaints reported to ECC-Net between 2010 and 2012


2013 – Trust marks report – ”Can I trust the trust mark?”


2012 – Alternative Dispute Resolution in the Air Passenger Rights sector


2012 – European Small Claims Procedure Report


2012 – The European Online Marketplace Consumer complaints 2010-2011


2012 – Too good to be true? It probably is! – Unfair Commercial Practices and Unsolicited Goods


2011 – ECC-Net Air Passenger Rights Report – in the aftermath of the ‘Volcanic Ash Crisis’


2011 – Online cross-border Mystery Shopping – State of the e-union


2011 – Study on Airlines’ Currency & Payment Card Fees – The cost of paying


2010 – Comparison of minimum criteria for 3-star hotels in the EU

pdf2010 – Ski Resorts in Europe 2010/2011 – A survey in 20 European countries


2010 – The European Online Marketplace: Consumer Complaints 2008 – 2009


2009 – Price Research, Price Differences in Europe – Products of H&M, Zara, C&A and Body Shop

pdf2009 – Classification of hotel establishements within the EU


2008 – The European Online Marketplace: Consumer Complaints 2007


2007 – Air Passenger Rights: Consumer complaints 2006

pdf2006 – Money changing in EU Member States outside the euro area

pdf2003 – Realities of the European online marketplace


Rapport annuel du réseau des CEC


Annual report 2015 (10th anniversary)


Annual report 2013


Annual report 2012

pdfAnnual report 2011

pdf Annual report 2010

pdf Annual report 2009 (5th anniversary)

pdf Annual report 2008

pdf Annual report 2007


Autres publications

pdfRapport Quiz 2016

pdfRapport – Report – Bericht ADR 2013 / 2014

pdfTimesharing Top Tips

pdfPratiques commerciales déloyales














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